1: 1. Is Tom Holland secretly a time traveler? Fans speculate based on his youthful appearance in every film.

2: 2. The mysterious disappearance of Tom Holland's brother from his social media feeds sparks theories of sibling rivalry.

3: 3. Could Tom Holland be the next James Bond? Fans theorize after his slick spy-like skills in "Spider-Man."

4: 4. Is Tom Holland's rumored relationship with Zendaya just a PR stunt? Fans analyze every red carpet appearance for clues.

5: 5. Theory: Tom Holland's constant injury on set is just a cover-up for his real-life superhero training.

6: 6. Fans theorize on the significance of Tom Holland's cryptic Instagram posts - are they hints for upcoming projects?

7: 7. Is Tom Holland's love for dancing a clue to his secret talent? Fans speculate on a potential music career.

8: 8. The theory that Tom Holland's love for wearing Marvel merch is a subtle nod to his dedication to the franchise.

9: 9. Fans theorize on Tom Holland's future as Spider-Man - will he hang up the suit or continue as the beloved hero?