1: Discover the best of Yellowstone with these must-watch episodes for new fans.

2: Witness the drama unfold in episode 1, showcasing the power struggles of the Dutton family.

3: Episode 3 delves into the complexities of loyalty and betrayal within the ranching community.

4: An epic showdown awaits in episode 5 as tensions rise between the Duttons and their enemies.

5: Get ready for heart-pounding action in episode 6 as the Duttons face threats from all sides.

6: Episode 7 explores the dark past of the Yellowstone ranch and its impact on the present.

7: Expect shocking twists in episode 8, as alliances are tested and loyalties are questioned.

8: Experience the highs and lows of ranch life in episode 9, where personal and professional worlds collide.

9: Embark on a thrilling journey with these must-watch Yellowstone episodes and discover the true essence of the Wild West.