1: 1. Grizzly Bear Reunites with Lost Cubs 2. Wolves Howl in the Moonlight 3. Bison Grazing in the Meadow

2: 1. Rare Sighting of Mountain Lion 2. Old Faithful Erupting in Spectacular Show 3. Elks Frolicking in the Snow

3: 1. Mother Bear Teaching Cubs to Fish 2. Otters Playing in the Yellowstone River 3. Eagles Soaring in the Sky

4: 1. Elk Herd Crossing the Road 2. Geothermal Pools Glistening in the Sun 3. Pronghorn Antelope Running on the Horizon

5: 1. Mating Dance of the Sage Grouse 2. River Otters Sliding Down the Bank 3. Red Fox Puppies Exploring the Den

6: 1. Bull Elk Bugling During Rut 2. Yellowstone Falls Roaring with Power 3. Trumpeter Swans Gliding on the Lake

7: 1. Grizzly Bear Catching Fish in the Rapids 2. Great Gray Owl Hunting at Dusk 3. Black Bears foraging for Berries

8: 1. Thundershowers over the Lamar Valley 2. Beaver Pond Reflecting the Sunset 3. Moose Calves Nuzzling with Their Mother

9: 1. Bison Herd Crossing the River 2. Coyote Pups Playing in the Meadow 3. The Majestic Grand Prismatic Spring