6 Post-Meal Mistakes That Might Delay Weight Loss


Weight reduction might be delayed for numerous reasons, but what we do after meals is important. Our weight reduction program also depends on what happens after lunch and supper.

A Heavy Dinner: Heavy meals take longer to digest, so eating them late at night might cause weight gain.

Sugary Drinks: Drinking juice, soda or any other sweetened drink with any meal can also lead to weight gain.

Water After Dinner: while staying hydrated is important, drinking water just after meals can dilute the stomach acids and impede digestion.


Meal-by-Meal: After a full meal or supper, avoid junk food. Desserts are appealing, but they may cause weight gain or delayed weight reduction if not regulated.

Naps After Dinner: Going for a nap or sleeping right after having a meal can have serious health complications too.

Exercising: Indulging in physical exercise after meals can lead to cramps, nausea, bloating, vomiting and also impair weight loss performance.