1: Introduction Discover the top Yellowstone fan theories that actually became reality.

2: The Dutton Curse Unravel the mysterious Dutton family curse and how it impacts the Yellowstone Ranch.

3: Beth's Revenge Explore how Beth's revenge plot unfolded and changed the course of the show.

4: The Return of Roarke Learn how Roarke's return to Yellowstone sparked new tensions and conflicts.

5: The Truth About Jamie Find out the shocking truth about Jamie's backstory and his connection to the Duttons.

6: The Ranch's Future Speculate on the future of the Yellowstone Ranch and its survival amidst ongoing threats.

7: Loyalty Tested Witness how loyalty was tested among the characters and the ultimate consequences.

8: The Rival Ranch Unveil the secrets of the rival ranch and its impact on the Duttons and Yellowstone.

9: Fan Predictions Explore how fans' theories and predictions shaped the outcome of Yellowstone's storylines.