America to bake in 100F heat


Widespread areas of the United States will be baked by 100-degree temperatures this week while the south deals with a disastrous "flash drought."

Southern and central areas will continue to swelter under a heat dome while the west and east coasts fight off storms.

Southern areas and the upper Midwest are parched as a result of record-breaking heat and a lack of rain along the Mississippi River.

Extreme heat is forecast to persist across the region for the next few days, prompting dire fears that the "exceptional drought" may see little relief.

"Over the summer, drought rapidly developed and worsened over much of the Mississippi Valley.

Mississippi River in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi has dropped to near record low levels for the second year running.

There is a chance of rain this week, but it won't be enough to make a dent in Louisiana's worst drought in recorded history.

Mr. Erdman said that the region will experience strong downpours due to impending thunderstorms, albeit it could be the end of the year.