Blink Outdoor 4 vs. Blink Outdoor 3


The Outdoor 4 camera, which Blink just introduced to its inventory, has replaced the Outdoor 3, which was the preferred outdoor security.

Is buying an Outdoor 4 worth it if you already have an Outdoor 3?

And if this is your first time buying an outdoor camera, should you spend a little more on the Outdoor 4 or save a few dollars on the Outdoor 3?

Let's compare the Outdoor 4 and Outdoor 3 in terms of video quality, night vision, price, and simplicity of use to help you choose which is ideal for your smart home.

The $120 Blink Outdoor 4 has 1080p video. Filming in 1080p as well, the Blink Outdoor 3 only costs $100 (though it's often on sale for much less).

However, it's important to note that the Blink Outdoor 4 has a larger field of view—143 degrees—than the Outdoor 3's 110 degrees.

This enables it to take in more of your land.Many of the specifications of the Blink Outdoor 4 and Blink Outdoor 3 are similar.

This features two-way audio, compatibility for Alexa, a two-year battery life, and the option to see a live broadcast of your property.