Diabetes Diet Plan: 5 Best Millets To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Diabetes Management: Ancient superfood millets reduce blood sugar. If you have diabetes, you must eat them because of their many health advantages.

Barnyard Millet: Barnyard millet, also called Japanese millet or Sanwa, is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, zinc and potassium that maintains a healthy body.

Pearl millet, or bajra, is one of the most popular grains and has several health advantages. Low glycemic index means it may be eaten and has little effect on blood sugar.


Finger Millet: Finger millet or ragi is an excellent grain that one should incorporate into their daily routine. They are a high source of vitamins and minerals that can help boost overall health.

Sorghum Millet: Jowar or sorghum millet is a gluten-free, low-glycemic index grain that is extremely healthy and effective for managing diabetes, boosting heart health and more.

Foxtail Millet: Foxtail millet also known as Kankum or kangni is an essential source of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy body.