Effects of El Niño on the future


Global temperatures have risen above average, and weather patterns are significantly influenced by air temperatures.

Storms are produced by jet streams, but the Inquirer states that "snowfall would depend on just what routes those storms would take.

L'Heureux told the newspaper, "I won't be upset if we see a snowier winter materialize."

CNN said that the South may see a rise in the likelihood of wintry precipitation, such as freezing rain, sleet, and snow, due to the combination of colder temperatures and more frequent precipitation.

El Niño this year is even more powerful than usual, which will increase its overall effect.

Matt Rosencrans of the U.S. Climate Prediction Center, "there are small signs of El Niño beginning to impact the circulation over the Atlantic,".

The Philadelphia Inquirer. Michelle L'Heureux, who is a member of the Climate Prediction Center's ENSO team, said the publication that El Niño's impact on the atmosphere over North America .

The polar jet stream, which NASA describes as "a fast-moving belt of westerly winds that traverses the lower layers of the atmosphere,".