El Nino's Impact Prediction for 2023


This year has seen the warmest summer on record, and it seems that the following several months—including the winter—will see even more unusual weather.

 Additionally, you may want to be ready if you're expecting for snow to fall where you live, particularly if you want to go skiing anytime soon.

This winter may turn out to be a little different than normal due to strange weather patterns.

It seems like anybody wanting to ski on the east coast this year may consider delaying their plans a little.

A weatherman has shared his forecasts for the amount of snowfall that the United States should anticipate.

In a video posted on Tuesday, October 3, Ryan Hall explained that since El Niño is intensifying in the Pacific Ocean.

The first snowfall we can anticipate in various US locations will likely occur sooner or later than usual, depending on where you live.

This could potentially result in less snowfall overall. He gave a really clear explanation of the problem, so even if you're not an expert in weather.

Winter this year might be intriguing because of El Niño, increasing Atlantic Ocean temperatures, and a shifting southern jet stream.

On the maps he displays in the video, you can see when the first snowfall typically occurs as opposed to when it's expected to occur in 2023.