How to be happy alone ?


It's easy to put others' needs ahead of our own in today's fast-paced society. Taking stock of your needs is a great method to get organized.

Time spent with oneself. Though it may not make sense right now, we can really be nicer to ourselves and those around us during this break.

Even if you have a lot of friends and family, most people have to figure out how to be happy on their own at some point.

Thankfully, learning to be happy with what one has is a skill that can be honed every day.

It's easy to become distracted by social media and forget what makes you unique.

"Comparing yourself to others can make you feel inadequate, less than, and left out," she added.

We're all on our own journeys, so if you're feeling low, put down the screen. If you want to break free of your negative thoughts.

Why do you feel the need for solitude? How do you hope to grow as a person? Making preparations helps us deal with future.