iPhone 15 Pro overheating?


Don't worry if your new iPhone 15 Pro continues to run hotter than normal; Apple is on the case.

Three weeks ago, as soon as customers began receiving the new handset, several discovered that it seemed to heat up.

Apple first kept quiet about the problem but has now admitted it and has promised a quick fix.

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are therefore overheating, why?

The tech giant has identified "a few conditions" that can make the device heat up more than usual, it was recently stated in a statement.

First, it provides standard explanations such as "increased background activity" in the initial days after configuring or reinstalling the device.

 Additionally, it warned against using a charging adaptor with a 20W output or higher because doing so would cause the phone to get warmer than usual.

But it also said that its developers had found an issue in iOS 17 that was "impacting some users," promising that it will be fixed by a software update .