Kentucky man says lotto victory let him pay off debt 'for the first time in my life'

AKentucky man added a scratch off ticket to his grocery items at the checkout line, little did he know that addition would make him $150,000 richer, the Kentucky Lottery said in a press release.

Charles Stallard bought a $5 50X The Cash ticket at a store in Louisville on Feb. 9 and said he hardly gave the purchase a second thought.

Using a coin to reveal the prizes on the ticket, Stallard uncovered the lucky 50X, the symbol that will multiply a player’s cash prize winnings by 50.

At first, Stallard thought he might’ve won money that he could use to purchase another ticket. "I figured it was going to be $5," Stallard told lottery officials.

But as Stallard kept scratching, he said he couldn't believe what he saw. "When I scratched off $3,000, I actually started crying," Stallard said.

50X The Cash players can win up to $150,000 in cash and Stallard won the full amount.

Stallard said he could hardly wait for the next Monday to come around so he could claim his prize. He told lottery officials that thinking about his win the entire weekend left him, “anxious.”

Stallard redeemed the cash from his lucky ticket the following Monday. After deducting $42,000 from his prize money for the tax bill, Stallard had $108,000 remaining.


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