Mini Ice Cream Cakes


While the little snacks It's possible that the popularity of this fad has decreased since the pandemic.

After all, who has time to prepare pancakes the size of a dime these days?

Sometimes it's more convenient to have a small dessert instead of a large one.

In the case of ice cream cake, this is especially important because the treat will become a sloppy mess if taken out of the freezer for too long.

They look impressive, and the effort required to prepare them isn't much more than that of making a regular ice cream cake.

Mini ice cream cakes, on the other hand, are convenient because you may take out only as much as you need.

To make a miniature ice cream cake with a cake base, bake cupcakes but only fill each well (or liner) halfway, using about a tablespoon of batter per well.

Due to their smaller size, you should check on them after 10 minutes and not leave them in the oven for more than 15 total.

 The remaining cupcake wells can be filled with softened ice cream once the cupcakes have cooled, and the pan can be frozen for several hours.