Six Healthful Behaviors To Follow Before Bedtime

Healthy activities before bed may promote sleep and well-being. Think about these seven healthy habits before bed.

Establish bedtime routine: Create a relaxing nighttime ritual to signal to your body to relax. Reading, having a warm bath, or meditating or deep breathing are examples.

Relaxation techniques: Relax with yoga, stretching, or gradual muscle relaxation before bed. These techniques reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Avoid large meals and caffeine: Avoid big meals before night to avoid sleep disruption. Limit afternoon and late coffee consumption since it might disrupt sleep.


Make sleeping comfortable: Your bedroom should be sleep-friendly. Keep the room dark, quiet, and chilly. Buy a supportive mattress and pillows for your sleeping posture.

Limit liquid intake: Minimize your fluid intake close to bedtime to reduce the likelihood of waking up for bathroom trips during the night.

Limit screen time: Avoid phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs an hour before bed. Screens produce blue light, which disrupts melatonin synthesis, making sleep difficult.