The Baking Tip That Turns Any Carrot Cake Recipe Into Flawless Cupcakes

Agood carrot cake recipe is an absolute must in any baker's repertoire because you can serve it at almost any occasion.

It can be frosted into towering layers at a wedding, or topped with a little brown sugar streusel as a tea or coffee cake.

Millions of people blow out their birthday candles over a carrot cake every year, and you can buy it by the slice at almost any grocery store or bakery (just look for the little icing carrots).

The best way to have a bite or two of spiced carrot cake, however, is in cupcake form. You don't need to start from scratch to perfect a carrot cupcake recipe, either.

If you already have a carrot cake recipe you love, all you have to do is make the full-size version and simply reduce the baking time once the batter is in the cups.

Cupcake pans create a lot more heat, which combined with small portions of batter means they cook faster.

So when you're making carrot cake cupcakes, you can use the same oven setting, just set the timer back by about 15 or 20 minutes to get perfectly puffy, moist cupcakes every time.


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