The Flowering Perennial That Hummingbirds Can't Get Enough Of

Hummingbirds are small, colorful birds known for hovering mid-air while feeding on nectar. Found exclusively in the Americas, they play a vital role in ecosystems as pollinators of many flowering plants.

With their unique ability to hover and flight speeds of up to 33 miles per hour, these feathered friends have an extremely fast metabolism, relying on nectar to fuel their flight muscles.

Like many pollinators, hummingbirds have a symbiotic relationship with nectar-rich plants, co-evolving with particular flower species.

Some flowers, like beardtongues (Penstemons), are their favorites. These nectar-rich perennials from North America are designed to attract hummingbirds, their main pollinators.

Beardtongues are two-lipped, tubular flowers that grow in clusters. With around 280 species, they can be adapted to various habitats from low desert to alpine.

They prefer well-draining soil and plenty of sun and don't require fertilizing.

Alongside attracting hummingbirds with beardtongues, you can also adopt a range of practices to bring more pollinators into your yard and garden to create a flourishing, biodiverse outdoor space.


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