Winter in El Niño is Near!


The winter forecast for 2023–2024 has been provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and it calls for an El Nino winter.

They announced their predictions for the country's temperatures and precipitation, including how they would vary in the North and the South.

Though the Atlantic may be warm, El Niño usually takes center stage as the storm season nears its close.

However, Michael Fischer, an associate scientist at the University of Miami, told CNN, "We've just never seen anything this warm."

According to Fischer, this may leave the Atlantic exposed to increased tropical activity generally for the remainder of the season, although this is yet uncertain.

As a result, Fischer said CNN, "it's difficult to make any kind of confident forecast because we're kind of in uncharted waters, if you will."

According to McNoldy, the unusually warm water would probably give any tropical storm that does develop a "extra boost" in power.

Several hurricanes this season, such as Hurricane Idalia and Hurricane Lee, have already shown this to be the case.